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&pinvasion. "theyydon't really cause aa harm, they're just a ppin, they just stink" how maryland homeownerssare fighting back. back.the questionable call that's rockkng the football wor. world. the ways anger over reppacement refs is boiling ove. over.a channe for rain late tonighttand through in my skywatch forecast. and what a difference winning m. 3you support tte team you buy the product..... product..... how orioles gear &phas suddenny become hot properry. hello... i'm jeff barnd.and i'm jjnnifer &pgilbeet. a protest against baltimore city police.
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community outrage tonight, as policeeprobe the death of a man who died in cust. custody. keiih daniels,... live... in... east baltimore.../ where... dozens ralliedd.. against.... what ...they call... another case... of... police brutality../ keith. keith.. jeff ad jennifer..... thh community has put this cross.. with balloons on the spot where they say a policee officcr confronted anthonn anddrson..he was 46. they say that confrontation may have cost anderson his life..... and the community was back here lift their voices against the police. pooice. 3& it's a crowded corner a north mootford and east biddle stteets.... anthony anderson's family and friendd are thhre with several community activist groups.. proteeting.. rallying against baltimore city police...(ááánats uu full: "these ooficers need to be charged wwth murdeer..."ááá) ......cclling for the indictment of the fficer who confronted andersoon(rev.
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intimidated, we won't be frightennd by anybody. because iffwe are frrghtened our child the next day." anderson died while in police custody friday. a plain clothes officers' unit from the eastern district was in the area, when witnesses say at least one officer jummed from an uumarked car and approacheddanderson.. thinking he may have been involved with prugs. but itnesses, including aadersso's mother.. who was standing outside, say there were no druug....(mm. ffetcher/mother) ""hhsshurts, i looked at them kill myy child...."........edith fletcher ssys here son was n visiting her. she says - he was walking back from the suddenly appeared... grabbed.. then liited her son from behind him...they running were - behind him anddi seen them pick him up from his knees ann slam him bacc down on his head. i couldn't believe it..
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i'm going, oh my god, what ii they doing to my child..." fletcher approached the son's last woods.(ms. her fletchee) "mom, go back. mom pleaseego back. go head. mmm, they goin lock you up. i didn't care, i really didn't. i didn't like what thhy ere doong to mm child." intially.. police say anderson died from choking on drugs. but a ppeliminary autopsy shows that he did not. pplice are waiting on a complete report to determiie the exact cause of death. death.meanttme, there's no comment from the department toniiht. liveein east baltiimre, keith daniils, fox 45 news at ten. a man shot monday in east baltimore has died from his inj. injuries..olicee ay anthony keyser was shot in his backyarddon north linwood avenue near patteeson park around 4 pm yeeterday. witnesses say he'd been sitting on his back steps when suspect r mmtive. o word on a
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baltimore city's new police start on the job.the poliie department tweeted this photo of anthony batts being sworn in today,,even though he wasn't ssheduled to start unnil thurssay. the department announceddyesterday hat pctiig police commissioner anthony barksdale is taking medical leavv indefinitely. batts wassthe mayor's pick for police commissioner, and even though he's signed the contract, he still has to be confirred by city council. thht heaaing is set for next month. poolcc want more answers in the weekend disturbance in towson that left one man shot ... and eight others arrested. arrested. first on ox tonight john rydell sppaks ith the ooner of the recher theater..... where an overflow out of hand.. . "i was out here trying to ccear the stteet for an hour onna megaphone."briaa reeher...reealls he chaotic scene outside his theater...aa crowds of young people quickky escalated. during the melee...eighttpeople were
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arrested...and a man wassshot the townsontown parking ing - garage. (recher) ""o be ssuch disrespect for law." reccer....ays he rented the theatee to a fraternity...for says members of "theta mu-mu"...wwich issan affiliate of "omega si-fi"...were not the problem. when all of tte 630 ttckets were sold... allowed in.he blames soccal s - huge croodsson along yook he - road...anddside streett. problem innthe past and you know, it's an unfortunate event."baltimore county police chief jamms ohnson...says investiiators are also examining the role...of facebook... and twitter. (johnson) "we understand the promoter retained by the &ptheater owners did advertise via social media the event." but baltimooe countt execctive kevinnkamenetz...says the rreher theater's owner...
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shares part of tte blame...for renting outhis a third party...and allowinnthat promote theeeeentt (kkmenetz) "anddi've got a does that becaase they have o aliquor liceese nd they have a responsiblitt to maintain not only order withhi their premisisbut those who are outside offtheir premisis." (rydell) "owner brian recher tells me he's already met withh this innident anddplans to meet with the county police chief and anyone else to prevent a simiiar problem from occurringgin theefuture." (recherr "there'll be a police will dootheir investtgation and you know we're cooperatiig 100 percent." in towson, john rydell, fox 45 police have not made any wwekend shhoting...but thee're peviewing survvillance video from he mall's parking garage. later...the rime spree one woman is accused of committing......while leaving her small chiidren in a hotel ffx45 neww at tennutes on a... carroll
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pounty...neighborhooddd. is....on aaert.../ &p aftee... a... eekend crimeespree. spree.cara ayres, hampstead: 10.39 "everybody's pretty shakennup by it." happenee... in the eak- ins... nnrth-brook... neighborhood of saturday night...///.thieves... caused about... six thousann ddllars inndamagee.../ steal... much of nything. major phil kasten::4.28 "there was malice that was apparentt t 21.26 ""'m not really mad. i'm just more astonished at the nerve of sooe people that they'd just come right up too &ppeople's houses and their driveways and steal stuff." stuff."of... the 55 ccrs.../. about... p 50... were unlocked. arrangemeets forrhissbrotheral &pbrottersmith, as youuknow... re-joined the ravens less than 24 hours after tevin jones died in a motorcycle accident... and helped puss his team to a nail-bitiiggwin. saturday, t noon... in king & george, vvrginia... donations to the tevin jones memorial scholarship fund ...
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care of the baltimore raaens at oneewinning drive owings mills, maryland 21117. the... n-f-l's... replacement rrfs..../ hhvv been... under scrutiny... since the beginnnng... of... theeseeson... pad everybody talking today.ame'' what happennd... with eight seconds left in the game and ggeen bay leaaiig by five... the seahawks have one last chance.russell wilson lobs the ball into the packers, m- d jenningg intercepts the ball ann ends seattleemanagessto get his hand in here and wreetles jennings for the ball as they callssit an interception. while another calls it a touchdown.the refs review it call stands.and the seahawks win the game..reen bayys coach was still upset, evvn today iq: there's no ay he caught
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that balloqq no communication &pat all from tte officials 3 officials reactionnwent far beyond the controversy becamm a bb- real refs. and you know what? obama and the economy. if you can't get it right itts time to get out.." oot.."i thought the defender hit the ground before there was joint possession. and, yes, it means that we need to get the strikk over and get 3heree - playyrs usually gettfiied for saying things about refs... packers guard ttjjlang said it was "emmarrasing" ""mbarrasing"knowing he would get fined...he suggesttd the
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n-f-l could use the money to get the regular refs back. back.othee athletes got inno labron james says he doesn't refs re n overrtheir heads.t here's... ur question of theeday.are ...the... nfl replacement phe... ro football season? season?this is our facebook pagee.....and juut about everyonneis talking about he n-f-l rrfs...most of you do ssy its ruiniig the foooball seasoo......but some of you blame the owers for locking out the regular fefs......aand others blame the regular refs... for getting greedy. join the conversaaion by going to facebook dot com slash fox- baltimore & performance the orioles seek to move into the post and ooaage gear fliessoff the sselvee at a record rate..... rate..... karen parks...
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ive... at... camden yards..../ where... many... 's... fans... say...../ .when... buying ggar..../ ..cost... does not matter..... matter..... jersey's starting aa 155 ollars were seen in the hands of fans ready to buu gear......itssa win win pituation for the &pstore owners around the natio. nation.... its another day at camden yardss.... (4:12) 3
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salls at nearby ssprt shop this summer.....driven bb orioles gear....
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3 3:57:09 because the mental and emotional pain i couldn't handl. handle.sentenced tt 1000years in prison... for a crime he didn't commit.the thing that in 15 inutes on fox45 news at [ male announcer ] airtran airways is having a sale.
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which means our already low fares...are even lower. that's like making the grand canyon...grander. or the great lakes...greater.
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or the rocky mountains... rockier. you know what i mean. lucky for you, airtran offers flights to destinations like these across the u.s. we just made something awesome, awesomer. airtran is having a sale with flights starting at 69 dollars one-way. all with wifi. book today at go. there's nothing stopping you. they... stink...// and... come in... large numbers.../ numbers.../ we're
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bbgs.janice park is streaming live in north baltimore, to tell us how homeowners are fighting back against the bugs.? willlbe better or worse when -3 it comes to stink bugs.but this is what some families are dealing with...hundrrds of stink bugs...ann this is just a smaal examplee if you listen carefully, you can hear crickets ..ut inside and outsideetheebenedict's home... "this is my husband's bug catcher i uess"they're waging p silent battle...against stink bugs: bugs:"jjst puttit up there, stink bug, they try to fall away and just fall in there to the bottle and that's it"the benedicts, llke other maryland families are hhving to spend hours...manuaall catching the pests that seem to appear out of no where: wwere:"the wwll of the house was overed with ttem as well"
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covering their their chimney...even in their : cars:"if hey get in the houue i try to use the tissue and get rid of them as quickly as p" possible""and the benedicts &pfrom a grocery store o a bug zapper buu t seems like the best way is to manually gather bbttle"experts say...the key to eeping stink bugs sealing our home.that means caalking your windows...evvn the benedicts can get back to life, pre-stink bug: bug:"they don't really cause a harmm they're just a pain, they jjst stink" one of the most popular chemcials to use is called talstar...which the benedicts say thhy've just ordered on in north balttmore, janice park fox45 news aa ten.
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as... new... york city... todaa... hosted ....wo... presiddntial nommnees... offering ... different visions... on... dealing with it it prrsident obama... &p addressing... the... u--n... general assembly../. he... has... littll ability... to... shape... what's happening... on the ground obama says: "let me be clear: justtas we cannot soove eveey probllm in the world, the pnited tates has not, and will not, seek to dictate the ootcomee f democratic transitions abroad." just... minutes mile and a haaf across the city.../ , republican... mitt romney ...appearrd with former president bill clinton... at the ...clinton global initiative ./.. and ... accussd ...mister obama... of....sitting on the sidellnes... while the mideast unnavels romney says: "syria has witnessed the killing of tens pf thousands of people. the of the muulim brotherhood. oor ambassador to libya was aasassinaaed in a terrorist attack. and iran is moving toward nuclear weapons capaaility. we feel that we are at the mercy of vvnts, rather than shaping eventt."
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events." the presidentt.. didn't... all it... a... terrorist attack --/ choosing instead ...toosay... it was an assault.../ not just on america .../ but on the values of the u.n. ... on our websste...inccuding one about the presideet's claims ...ann why they don't appear to add that on our wwbsite... fox-baltimore dot on vote 2212 in the hot topicss eetion at the top of the screen new onight, an anne arundel county mother accused of leaving her childrrn alone .. in a hotel room.....whill she went on a robbery spree. as kathleen cairns reports, the children who werr left alone.... range from four mooths... to six years old..... 3 &p the five childree were room at the royal inn in odenton. (voice only)"theres always alot of kids up here." alwayssalot of kids up (vooce only)"theres always alot oo kids up here." pooice sayy the children's mother is 35 year old tameka wright.but they say wright.. left them alone... while sheeand 22 yearrold james reid... went on a roobery toggther.
10:21 pm
investigators say theyy assaulted and robbed aaman at tte ameehotel late saturday staying... and when police l went to to that hotel oom, &pthey found the children by themselvess.. (((police)))) "yeah its unusual and welll i mean ya have a s - robbery anddthen yyu have children who during the robbery are left unattendee and and again these children were very younn in age. " ((cairns standuu)))"the fivv childree were placed in the custody of a reeative after &ptheir mothers arress now that their mother has made clear." residentt of he nt hotel tell fox 45 nees.. wrighttappeareddtt be : a good mom:(guy ii truck))frrm what i seen she wws.. they always had ffod and clothes and aal ttat stuff but...."(voice only)"i never knew that she left them in the rrom thats terrible" other passersby say leaving the kids alone.. is just resident)"i thiik she eeds to &pgo to jail thats wwat i thiik.. she needs to be in jail and the kids need o bb pright used the hotellas her home aadress... for court records... how long she and her children had been living there is not clear. in odenton kc fox 45 news at 10
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sources tell us the department of sscial services is now.... also involved in this investigation. the... city of baltimore ... plans to sell... the... histtric... senator theater this week... to... its... current operators. operators. the... theater years... &pbefore the city... purchasee it.../ for... almost... one millon dollars... to... prevent it ...from ccty... now... wants to sell it... to... james and his daughter, .. p who've been ...renovating tte theater..../ the... oarr of essimates... is expected... to approve the sale tomorrrow ... for... 500 3housand dollars. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 a crash caught on camera.... the incredible ay the driver ásurvivedáin 10 3:57:09 because the mental and handle.but next...sentenced to 100 yyars in prison... for a thing that finally lead to his our cover story... ....fter the break
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a balttmore county man is -- sentenced to -hundred yeers in prison. prison. crime and lepola... ter - explains.../ in... tonight's... cover story .../ "wrongly convicted".../ it... tuuns innocent...// bbt... it... wouldd take... more than... 10 years.../ before anyone... would it.ieve it..- p(pkk)) the year waa 1998.... and, for pptrons at a local
10:27 pm seemed to be a typical night. littll did they know how the evening would end.4:11:07 i go to a parr everyyay and sit thatts like my decompressioo so to speakk for james williams 4:00:35 i'm free but on the other hand there's lot of psycological scarring o to sppakkthat iihave to walk around with you know the way i thhnk that affected me you know hearing a police car or seeing one hinking they are for me that never gges away. i'm always thinkinggsomeone is following me. williams remembers passing policc as he left the neighborhood. he had called it a night afterr drinking at a bar acrosssfroo amberr lounge.3:56:02 i was ex-con trying to get his life together now at the center of investigation. whaa started as an attempted robbery ended with two people shot... and bothhweer saying it was trigger. months later a ballimore county jury convicted wwlliams. a judge sentenced him to 100 yearr in devasted. 1000years for a crime you did not commit? exactly. this is the first ttme... williams has opened up about his case.3:53:51 i need
10:28 pm
because it's been tearing me apart iiside. williams spent 12 years in prison fighting foo his freedom. he feared he would likely die an innocent man innppison. 3:57:09 because the mental aad emotional pain i couldn't handle.fade to black3:39:12 when i first talked with mr williams i didn't belleve him to tell you thh truth.randolph why didn't you think he was - innocent? because moot criminals declare their innocence and say butt bite 3:39:38 the trial was unfair and they were robbed. butt bite 3:39:44 you hhar that fromm praccically everyone no one is guility. blair would have thhught that same about williims case had it not been for one of his ccients who out of the blue oneeday said he
10:29 pm
had iiformation that could &pclear williams. 3:40:40 hey didn't know mr williams from adam.. the tip led baltimore county dettctives tt the actual shooter. 3:42:48 yeah it was a fluke in wwlliams mind... it was the miracle he &phad prayinn ffr the past 11 years. 3:59:03 when i walked in it was a female judge and she said something aaout new developments in baltimore county policeedepartment andd all of a sudden she stopped and said mr williams we're nol prosing your case. i walled out of the court and she said you''e free you can leave. i walked out of the court. williams has now hired blair lawsuit they plan to file against the state.3:31::5 he 4:05:46 how is a person as - supposed to come ouu and function normally. at 1 years old willlams is struggling. he contracted hepatistissc in
10:30 pm
months. a v-a program has helped put aaroof over his williams is not letting that get to him.4:09:03 as longgas i don't go backkto that &plifestyle i ttink at least i can maintain to a functioing degree in society and trying to be helpful to whoever i can along my way and that's what i've been doing siice i've been out. in baltimore pt lepola foxx45 news - williams attorney... lawwuit ... within... two . that pending litigation. want 3 wrapped around the engiie of a car...the ccmmon llquid... fox45 news at ten... and you wont believe what ... happened to the driver.... the incredible way he survived the impactt
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he may be the luckiest truck priver in russia. russian truck driver colliding -
10:34 pm
with a massive-tractor trailer, crashing headdirst cab and then miraculouslyy landing on hissfeet.the stunned driver then looks around the crash ssene, scratches his head aad walks away unharmed. a... bullied teen... in... michigan.../ gees... the... last laugg....//.. after... students... nominated her... for... homecoming court .../ and... she won! won!at... first... bernice kropp... was... excited o... daughter... was nooinated... school's... homecoming .. high - was... a... cruel prank..../// when... word... of the prank... spread... thru--out... the community../ . studentss... forr her..../she ... even... ended up ...getting a free makeover... from a local store. "we took a look at a dress for her. we're helping her out with a gown. as well as ssme other communityymembers are involved with the gown. um, and uu, something for her haar. her footwear, her shoes, to make her feel special" special."whitney's... mom
10:35 pm
said... the overwhelming support... situution... right.../ andd.. her daughter hhr title. a... texass.. school board.... is... forced... to change... theii... spaakinn policy.../// after... two... fmale students... were bruised... for days.... at... the hands .... of. ..their... mmle principal. principal. sppingtown high school's school board voted female adult to be present pnytime a maleeadminissrator is spanking a female student. the trruble started when a mall assistant principal disciplined two female students with a paddle. 3 "as soon as he gave t to me i sat down and was telling him how much pain i as in." "if i put a mark on her and end her to school cps is gonnn knock on my door. no authority, no school official shoull be ble to bruise my child" some parents are still noo satisffed.. they say áneverá bb allowed to paddll a female sttddnt even if a
10:36 pm
despite ths.../ there... are... schhols... wanning... to bring-back... elementarr school.../ in ocala... florida.../ gott.. rid... of 20-10,.../ but... a... new board -&mem here.../ waats... to... bring... paddling back.../// parents... say... no way.../// way.../// mos ssys: no, i think that is a parents' responsibilityy i ddnnt think the schools should be involled with that. mos sayy: "i ddn'' spank my kids, and i sureey don't want annone else to do it. ii.. the... school... will contact... parents.... to... make sure... it's ok... before paddling...///.. one... kansas city woman ... . when... a... snakee... decidee... to hhtch a ride... in her ccr. car. the oa constricttr slithered coiled itself around the wheel well.calls went ut to pveryone...the police..animal control and a nearby naturee center.... officees animal control didn't come ut kimberly hess and an intern - from the natureeccnttr...a crowd gathered to watch the
10:37 pm
fitzgiibons says: she started out near the bumper and gas tank and literally snaked back and forth forthhess says: she's right going to get her out out kimberly spraaee some water on the snake...hoping to make it uncomfortable enough to move... that..and some elboww prease...did the trick. a few minutes later.. the snake was unwound and passed off to nimal control unharmed. 3 33 3
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that ummer "derecho" ...and otherpop-up storms...have baltimorr countyofficials warning take extra preeautions. precautions.couuty leaders... are... urging citizens.../ not.... to... wait for the next storm... o... &pstock up... on supplies.../ like... flashlights.../ batteries.../ bottlld water../ .and...extra food. (hubbard) "the thing ttat worries me the most are hese no notice events, the things that are unplanned that happen
10:41 pm
these sttrms that come throuuh than was predicted." baltimore county... is... also promooing... itss.. twitter page.../ to... keep people... informed... on... emergencies of aal kknds. 3 the blind astee ests... betwwen name brands... and store brands...find out if store braads are worrt the bout 10 minutes on fox44 news at ten the feature on facebook... that some say reveal private messages from the past...after phe break p((pkgg))i'm candace doll with your traffic edge report.crews will be busy on 83 tomorrow. bridggeon 83 at middletown road.expect to find lanee closures from 9am until 3pm. you coull uue york road iistead.they will also bb poing maintenance work on 83 at mouut carmel road.reduce
10:42 pm
is not a bad option for the alternate route.((ess))i will have up to the minute traffic morning news starttng at 5am. candace dold fox45 news at ten. aú outrage ...
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growing... over a rrmored... facebook bug../ exposing... some users'... privatee messages tt the public. fter users ...reporttd messages... showing up ...on their timeliness..///. facebook... says ...there's... no malfunction... in their privacy settings..../ instead... the messages ...ii quession... were actually... olddwalll posts... from before ...the.. ffcebook "timmline" inteeface... was used. frrelance or contract workers... tend to be happiir . jobs.a study found ttat even though freelancers don't have the job security, or benefits.... more than half said theyyre paid whatt phey are wortt.. almost phree quarrers rrted their growth pottntial as good or than 85 eighty-five pprcent rated their job satisfaction levellas very good or excellent... there are lenty oo pistraations durrng the work day.... and ttere's a price to pay. in... tonight's... word on the web,../ web,.../ carrie peirce... explaanss
10:46 pm
media... is... swallowing... time and money. what starts as a quick heck of facebook.... usually becomes a costly distraction. 3&&pthat's accordiig to red e app.... which made this graphic to show just how much time is spent n social media. take aalook..... according to their data.... workers are interrupted about onne very 10.5 minutes.... it takes an average of 23 minutes o recover froo the distraction and get back to wook.... that adds uppto 28 percent oo he day spent on interupptions andd &precovery time. seems liie no big deal unnil you consider the impact.... hose costing the american economy.... a staggering 650 faccbook is the worst . culprit... with 1 billion pser spends 400 minutes per ge 3 twitter sers eed 400 million tweets per day... that's an mooth. of 89 minutts per - 3 while everyone can use a break..... the sameestudy
10:47 pm
they are expected to work on too many things t carrie peirce and thats your word on the wwb..... driverless... cars ...could sson on california... roads.../ today... / the governor's....scheduled to pign a bill... at... google headqqarterr... / making... the company's car... making... the company's car... & google's... has... cooputer- controlled pedals... and steering.../ which... are... guided by cameras, .../ g-p-s... and... other sensors...///. once... signed... // the... d-m-v... will have... to draft rules... for 3 the ooioles try to get back in the win collmn...and ake up some room on the yankees.. bruce cunniigham has hilights hext in spprts unliiited are tore brands worth howw.. they stack up... to... big name brands in a blind tasse test. bth - unversal service fund peoole who work hard, manage
10:48 pm
their financess and pay their bills on time are forced to pay foo ffee ell phones and airtime for thoss who ddn't. in the government's lifeline's right on youu serviie fund is pass-thru fee the phone companies ccarge you that they innturn give to the government. essentially it's a 16% tax.the lifeline years. but annual costs have morr than doubled from $800 million in 2008 to more thaa $2 billion tooay. approximaaely 12 million people have gotten free phones. according to one estimate, as many as 500 million households qualify under current rules. investigations have found unqualified recipients, recciients getting multiple phones, and extra phones being sold to drug deelers. the gao fraud, waste & aause.the th - lifeline program is only a symppom. the underlying ppoblem is the universal service fund. it is a multi-billion dollar slush pund auttorized by congress, managed by the federal fuels crony capitallsm, and - capitalize on is another government prograa that picks the poccet of thee orkiig
10:49 pm
peoole. abolishhthe universaal story visit behind the n this - headlines dot net. and follow us twitter and facebook. i'm mark hyman. pithhjust gaaes remaining in
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is a must win for the orioles...they went in tonight trailing the yankees by a game &pand a was game thhe against toronto.. torooto.. joe saunders on tte hill for the o's tonighttas they look loss...but he struggled
10:52 pm first...two men on for yan gomes...he ines one hit...brett lawrieerounds third and beats out the throw at the plate...jays strike first 1-0...bottom four...addiny hhchavarria line...that goes all the way to the wall....a-jay davvs scores easily...2-0 toronto... top of the seventh...more trouble for saunders...colby rasmus lines one to right...j-p arencibia comes into scoree.3-0 blue jayy...that would do it for sauuders...o's drop their seconn straight game...4-0 the final... 3 3&no we haven't forgotten thee ravens...we''l ear frod- coordinator dean pees,coming uop at 11:30 aa sports unlimitee contiiuue buying...
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store brands... savings.....buttare the store brands as good? as paarice sanders shows us... consumer reports put its ttste testers pn the case. case. ((pat on cam)) buying store brands... can save an average off25-pprcent off your grocery bbll! (mos #1)"i go for the store brand if there's a storr-brand oppion."(mos #2) "you pay less for the store brands."(mos #3)"price-wise the store brand isdefinitely buying more ssore brands theee days. and more are coming on the market - everything from cereal o peanuu butter, even subscribers about the store brands they booght, nd most people ere highly satisfied." (v/o)to see how store brands stack up against name rands, consumer reports did bllnd tests oo 19 pairs of products. target's market pantry ranch salad dressing went up agginst hidden valley's.(natsot: ding) (v/o)and the winner wass.. (sot)"it was a tie. quality-wise they're right about the same, buttthey had different flavors."(v/o) walmarr's great value battlld nature valley's granola bar. (natsot: ding)(v/o)the result... (sot: adam kaplan) "another tie. both were cheey,,
10:54 pm
and they wereepretty much he same quulity."(v/o)and when clover valley's crackkrs from dollar general went up against sunshine's cheez-its... tie again!but in some cases a bigg-ame branns did beat store brands. for example, thhs tropicana orange juicedefeated nice!, sold attwalgreens. it pad a fuller oranne flavor. brands did as well as or better than name brands!(sot: tod marks))the ottom line: store brands are worth a try, and they usually cost a lot less."((pat on cam))andd consumer reports says that the limited to store-brand foods.. forexample, booh target's up & white cloud toilet paper have rated excellent in consumer reports' tests.pptrice sanders, ffx45 news at ten. "oh, i like winning. everybody likes winning." winning." the senior olympics ..../ what makes ...ttis scrabble champ... a surprising competitor.
10:55 pm
...and cominn up in just 5 minutes onnthe late edition... edition.... eaaing habits and our natiooal waistlines could make us vuneraale to attack. 3 and inviting an alligator. why some people think its a ggod idea to include them at 3 trying to gettmoney you doo't
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
really to stop it before anding aa... 102.../
10:58 pm
doris... wood-ring... &p sharp... as a tack..../// inn.. fact,... she's... a... word wiz..../// aad... has... no problem. .. spelling... it out... for you. 3 thhs year, dorrssplayed scrabble in the northern virginia senior's her fiist time competing, ut dorrs takes the game very seriously.... and yyu can bet building an arrenal of words. "any of the q words, quiver, quaid, quinder" 3 "i asked god to let me come in maybe third." third." unfortanately, doris did not in the second offthree rooudss she says shh's not too upset about it. when you get to be 102, not much bothers you. as she puttit,,"there's always next year." 3
10:59 pm
hello, i'm jeff barnd. barnd. and i'm jenniffr gilbert. a protest against baltimore city police..... in the wake of the departmentts criminal in. investigation. it's a community's outrage over the death of a man who died while in police custody. custody. keith daniels, liie in eaat baltimore where ttey suspect is another case of police brutality.. keith. keith. jeff and jennifer..... tte with balloons on the spot ss...- where they say a pooice officer confrontee anthony anderson..he was 46. they say that confrontation may have cost andeeson his life..... and the community was back here lift their vooces against the policce police. at least a hundrrd &ppeople, including family and friends and several community activiit groups rallied at the corner oofnortt montford and east biddle streets. protesters are calling or the indictmmnt of the officer whooconfronted anderson. witnesses, including &panderson's mmther, say neighborhood friday, visiting who mother.. when the officer, -

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